fUCk oFf

(music kenneth/lyrics kenneth)

DoN't tELl mE wHat 2 Do
dOn t TeLL mE wHat 2 Say
dON t tELl mE hOw 2 aCT
DOn t sTaND iN mY waY

dOn T Tell mE hoW 2 ThINk
dOn t TeLL mE 2 SHut Up
FuCK U wITh yoUr soCIetY
I doN t GiVE A fuCk

FuCk OFf
fUck ofF
fuCk OFf

U sMIle iN my fACe
YoU stAb mE in My baCK
u CaLl yoUrsElf a friENd
BehiNd my bAck U DisS me

I dOn't nEed fRIeNds lIKe U
u rEALly mAKe me Sick
u dOn't have SeLfrEspCTt
so NO reSPect 2 U

fUcK Off
fUCk oFf
fucK OFf

fUCk oFF wiTh YOur gOOd adVIse
FuCk oFF wiTh yOuR SocALLeD sYmPAthY
FuCK off Get OUt Of my sITe
fucK OfF u're a WAStE of lIfe.