ScUM Of SOcieTy

(music janmartin kenneth/lyrics bill)

i bElONg 2 tHe sCUm oF soCIeTY
i dO noT GIvE a fUCk
thE onLy tHINg i dO iS HAtE
aNd U cAn SUck mY cOCk

wE R tHe dIRty sOUl of soCIetY
We rE tALkiNG wiTH ouR FIsts
YouR wORDs doN t mEAn shIT 2 mE
wHEn I aM REaLLy pISseD

SCum oF sOcIetY

U cAN rUn bUt U cAN t hIde
U belONg 2 hUMankINd
it S wHAt u mAde Of me
2 aLL thOSE tiMeS I blEEd

i WaS kICkeD iN tHE BaCK aND meSSeD arOUNd
Now i bELonG 2 tHE sCUm of thE eARtH
I wILL neVeR RUn or hiDe
i wONt NEveR huRT

scUM Of SOcieTY

tHE diRTy sCuM Of soCIetY
iS WalKINg doWn ThE sTrEEts
We re WeaRIng oUR oLD BoOTs
We mAy B bAD bUT We feeL goOD

WhEn tHE sCUm uNIteS
thERe iS nO plACE 2 HIdE